The conference on the Practice of Enterprise Modelling (PoEM 2019) organized by the Luxembourg Institute of Science and Technology (LIST) will take place in Luxembourg on 27-29 November 2019. Discover the organizing committee.

The working conference aims to improve the understanding of the practice of Enterprise Modelling (EM) by offering a forum for sharing experiences and knowledge between the academic community and practitioners from industry and the public sector. PoEM addresses topics related to Enterprise modelling, such as business innovation, digital transformation, enterprise architecture, and many other interesting topics.


A forum will be organized on where papers from starting PhD candidates and position papers can presented and discussed in an interactive way. The call for papers is available online. 


The PoEM 2019 conference shall be supplemented with workshops that allow discussion and/or practical experience releated all aspects of enterprise modelling. e organizing committee will invite workshop organizers.

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